December 02, 2017
DTL OTMaster 6.3 released

DTL OTMaster (OTM) version 6 is available now, in combination with a special 25% price reduction for a limited period. This high-end post-production font tool for reviewing, editing, and altering font tables and glyphs of CFF- and TTF-based OpenType fonts plus TrueType collections (TTC) fonts has been jointly developed by URW++ and the Dutch Type Library.
OTM 6 is a highly powerful tool for inspecting and adjusting aforementioned font formats, irrespective of the type of font editor used for their creation. It makes the editing of binary tables possible from a graphical user interface. Furthermore, it comes with nifty built-in tools like the Glyph Editor for proofing and editing contours, or even drawing glyphs from scratch.
There is a wealth of functionality offered by OTM 6. For example, there is a ‘kern’ Table Viewer for proofing and refining kerning pairs, and a ‘GSUB’/‘GPOS’ Viewer to visually test (and in case of ‘GPOS’ also adjust) these OpenType Layout tables. OTM 6 also allows one to preview all glyphs in a font, from all contour points to the rendered bitmaps at various sizes. The Side by Side Viewer allows one to compare glyphs across a number of opened fonts, while the Color Viewer, the Embedded Bitmap Viewer, and the Glyph Viewer make it possible to examine specific aspects of each glyph. The Table Comparator and the Consistency Checker help to achieve consistent behavior of all fonts within a family or across different operating systems. With the aforementioned GSUB/GPOS Table Viewer and the ‘kern’ Table Viewer, one can perform detailed examination of and apply small modifications to a font’s layout behavior, such as kerning, mark positioning, contextual substitutions, ligatures, and other substitutions.
        The Text Viewer is a comprehensive and extremely powerful test environment for OpenType Layout features. DTL OTMaster 6 integrates the cutting-edge HarfBuzz OpenType Layout engine in the Text Viewer, allowing accurate testing of the shaping and rendering of complex scripts, such as Arabic or Devanagari. One can preview customized strings, enable features selectively, choose the text script and direction, and export the renderings to PDF.
        Besides all this OTM offers the option to import and export OpenType Layout features files (AFDKO syntax). This includes subsetting, which means that OT Layout features that are not covered by the character set of the font in question will be removed during compiling.
DTL OTMaster is available for Mac OS X –version 6 fully supports Retina displays–, Windows, and Linux. All downloads contain the OTM manual in PDF format. OTM 6 normally costs € 255, but we offer you the tool with a discount of 25%, i.e., for only € 191.25, until 1 June 2016. One can purchase it directly from here. Free ‘Light’ (3.6) versions are available for downloading from this website.

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