February 14, 2009
DTL OTMaster: OpenType editor



The Dutch Type Library and URW++ Design & Development proudly present DTL OTMaster (OTM), a highly sophisticated application for reviewing, editing and saving tables of fonts with a snft file structure, as there are CFF and TTF flavored OpenType fonts, TrueType fonts and TrueType Collection fonts.

Font editors, like for instance the DTL FontMaster suite, FontLab Studio and FontForge, rely on their own internal data formats for type design and font production. From these data, binary fonts for the end-user are compiled as the last step in the font production process.
OTM is a tool for inspecting and adjusting such binary fonts, irrespective of the font editor used for their creation.

OTM makes the editing of tables possible from a graphical user interface. It comes with built-in tools like the Glyph Editor for proofing and editing contours or even drawing glyphs from scratch. A 'kern' Table Viewer is available for proofing and refining the kerning, and a 'GSUB'/'GPOS' Viewer to visually test (and in case of GPOS also adjust) these OpenType Layout tables.

DTL OTMaster was programmed in Hamburg, Germany at URW++ Design & Development, renowned for pioneering in the field of font technology development for more than thirty years. The FM Team (Dr. Juergen Willrodt, Axel Stoltenberg, Hartmut Schwarz, Peter Rosenfeld and Frank E. Blokland) was joined by Karsten Luecke as advisor and also author of the extensive and detailed OTM manual and Nikola Djurek for the design of the function icons.

OTM is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Free Light versions are available for:

Mac OS X: http://www.fonttools.org/downloads/OTMA/OTM_Light_1.0.0_MAC.zip
Windows: http://www.fonttools.org/downloads/OTMA/OTM_Light_1.0.0_WIN.zip
Linux: http://www.fonttools.org/downloads/OTMA/OTM_Light_1.0.0_LIN.tgz

The downloads also contain the OTM manual in PDF format.

The full version of DTL OTMaster costs Euro 255 and can be purchased from the FontTools.org Online Shop

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