FoundryMaster will become available autumn 2020. Please contact the Dutch Type Library for inquiries.

FoundryMaster (fm 2) is the advanced successor for macOS, Windows, and Linux of the dtl FontMaster (fm) suite, which was released back in 2001. The application is the result of almost 40 years of font-tools’ development, which started with Dr. Peter Karow’s invention of the ikarus format in the 1970s. This format can actually be found under the hood of fm 2 still.

FoundryMaster is, in line with its ikarus -based precursors, particularly a font editor for the somewhat more technically savvy type designers and font producers. After all, one can control and adapt basically anything and everything to one’s needs: shortcuts, display size, colour, the tools pallet, the conversion from cubic to quadratic Bézier splines, encoding system, etcetera.

As mentioned, FoundryMaster is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

        Unique functionality
FoundryMaster offers some unique nifty batch functionality, such as for intelligent scaling and numeric stem-adjustment.

Furthermore, FoundryMaster can be used to check and control the conversion to quadratic splines on the fly and to directly edit these splines. Quadratic splines can be optionally stored in the qq (2-byte) or iq (4-byte) formats.

The Side by Side Viewer makes it possible to compare glyph sets in fonts and offers several options for filtering and viewing.

Because FoundryMaster also supports the ufo format, it is quite simple to integrate in existing workflows based on other font tools.

        Variable fonts
FoundryMaster can be used to develop fonts in the OpenType Font Variation format from scratch, or to prepare and modify already existing fonts for the production of variable fonts. The interpolation tool offers some sophisticated functionality to make glyphs isomorphic. It marks, for example, the differences in contour points and is able to solve many of these automatically. The actual generation of variable fonts is a fairly simple process with fm 2.

For the final proofing and, if necessary, modification of variable fonts, OTMaster can be used too, of course.

        File formats
FoundryMaster supports, besides the ufo format, urw ’s proprietary be / ib ik / ii and qq / iq glyph-storage formats. The be / ib formats are the cubic-splines ones, the qq / iq are for storing and editing quadratic splines, and the ik / ii are representing the ikarus format. The be , qq , and ik are all two-byte (with a maximum of 65536 per database) formats. The ib , iq , and ii are four-byte variants (theoretically with a maximum of 4294967296 glyphs per database). The ‘ i ’ stands for ‘intelligent’.