ContourMaster is very useful for handling especially large glyph databases that support different writing systems for instance for the OpenType production.
Multiple databases can be checked and improved in batch at once. Many of the options can be parameterized, such as the tolerance for double and extreme points.

Also matters like stem widths and serif lengths can be checked with ContourMaster.

One can imagine that in sizable font productions in which several type designers participate and glyph data from different sources is united, ContourMaster is indispensable.

DTL ContourMaster is the FM batch module for testing and correcting all kinds of potential errors in glyph contours, such as open contours, double points, overlapping contours, sequence of contours, sense of rotation, double contours, missing extreme points, tangent continuity, et cetera.

Multiple BE or IK databases can be either checked and/or corrected and extensive listings of the (suggested) improvements can be generated.