New!: DTL OTMaster Light 1.0.1
The Light versions of DTL OTMaster are fully functional but the ‘save’ function is disabled. Exporting OpenType Layout features files and Character Layout (.cha) files is possible though.
The download for Mac OS X contains two installers: one for PPC and Intel Macs running Panther and Tiger and one for Intel Macs running Leopard.
Download: Mac OS X (27 MB) and Windows (13 MB) and Linux (13 MB)
New! DTL FontMaster Light 2.7.0
The Light versions of DTL Bezier- and IkarusMaster are fully functional and have two restrictions only: not more than 256 glyphs can be stored per database and only PostScript Type1 fonts can be exported.
Download: Windows (23.3 MB)
New! FM Bottle Kit for CrossOver (Wine)
For running the Windows version of FM under Mac OS X / X11 and Linux.
Download: Mac OS X /X11 and Linux (20 MB)
New! DTL CompareMaster Light 2.0.0
For a detailed comparison of PostScript Type1 fonts, i.e. contours, metrics and hinting. Output options are (optionally summarized) text files and PostScript plot files.
The full versions of DTL CompareMaster support OpenType CFF (.otf) fonts also.
Download: Mac OS X (6 MB) and Windows (22 MB)
New! DTL LetterModeller 2.0.0
The first steps towards the automation of the type design process using a Harmonic Model for Textletters. Sliders can be used for parameterizing the letterforms. Modified letters can be saved in the .be and .ik formats and further processed with DTL Bezier- and IkarusMaster (Light).
Download: Mac OS X (12 MB) and Windows (11.6 MB) and Linux (11.4 MB)