IkarusMaster Illustratie 3a
DTL IkarusMaster is the outline editor for the IK (Ikarus) format. It is intended for drawing, correcting and managing glyph sets.
IkarusMaster can be used as a standalone font editor. Fonts can be directly imported and exported without the need of DTL DataMaster, although the latter makes converting and generating fonts in batch possible.
Improver functions can be applied on a complete font and on character level.
        Most type designers will appreciate the very much enhanced drawing and glyph editing functionality, which includes a range of align/guideline functions. The conversion into cubic and quadratic splines can be checked by importing PostScript Type1, OpenType CFF, TrueType and OpenType TTF fonts directly in the background of the Character Edit window(s).
        The handling of the IK databases has been made convenient by a number of batch functions. These functions are controlled by simple command (text) files; there is no need for complex additional scripting.
It is for instance possible to collect/import glyph data in IkarusMaster from different databases, using a small command file.
        Also generating composite characters, for instance for Central and Eastern European character sets, has been made very easy. Amongst other batch functions there are numerous functions to control all kind of metrics related items.
        Most powerful however, is the batch functionality for automatically generating the OpenType Layout tables using an AFDKO syntaxed OpenType Layout features file. The approach is to provide a simple way to generate full featured OpenType fonts, which is also suitable for non-experts.


       The seamless integration with DTL BezierMaster is not only apparent in its similarities with the interface, but also from the fact that Ikarus data can be loaded directly into the background of the Bezier editor. Consequently, the conversion of the IK format to the BE format can be fully checked.
       DTL IkarusMaster supports Wacom Intuos 2 and 3 tablets with lens cursors for manual digitizing. This way offering a unique and versatile alternative for scanning and auto tracing, especially when a 1:1 conversion is requested. In this case 1.000 IK units IK equal 1 centimeter, offering detailed control up to 1/100th of a millimeter.
       The double byte BE/IK databases can contain up to 65535 glyphs. Work on four byte support is in process. DTL IkarusMaster is a fantastic upgrade for the users of the earlier editors of the Ikarus format, including Ikarus V4, Ikarus M (Mac) and Ikarus D (DOS).