DTL BlendMaster is the batch module for interpolating (blending) or even extrapolating BE and IK glyph databases. Interpolation can for instance be used to calculate intermediate weights/styles of fonts between two poles or even to unite weights/styles elements of different typefaces. Extrapolation can be used to generate weights/styles outside the poles.

BlendMaster has an option to prepare the poles for interpolation by checking and correcting contours, i.e. equalizing the number and positioning of contour points. This includes the insertion of extreme points, the correction of start points and the sorting of the contours, so that the interpolation process proceeds as faultless as possible.

During the preparation process EPS files can be generated for possible non-matching characters, which show the problematic points. Also extensive listings can be generated. Both EPS files and listings can be used as guidelines for manually improving contours in DTL BezierMaster or IkarusMaster.

The powerful batch functionality of BlendMaster makes it possible to interpolate multiple glyph databases at once.