DTL KernMaster is the batch module for the automatic creation of kerning pairs for BE and IK databases with output into AFM files or kern.fea files.

The program is especially developed with the OpenType production in mind: it is possible to generate kerning for complete and multiple BE or IK databases, which includes Cyrillic, Greek, Eastern-European, et cetera, character sets (up to more then 65.000 glyphs per database) at once.
Class kerning is supported, of course, with output into kern.fea files.

Kerning should not be used to correct but to refine the spacing of a font and the fact is, that there are numerous character combinations which one can’t get completely perfect without kerning –even if a typeface is as optimal as possible balanced– especially when non-Latin character sets are included. Using very sophisticated algorithms, DTL KernMaster makes it possible to perfectly optimize the spacing.

The quality of the kerning generated by DTL KernMaster is very high, but changes can always be made optically (manually) in the Metrics Editors of BezierMaster and IkarusMaster. Also the class kerning can be edited here.