DTL TraceMaster is the easy to handle batch module for autotracing scanned data. The program is perfectly suited for tracing letters and logo’s and the placement of the contours is handled according to the specifications for font outlines; for instance extreme points will be placed correctly. It is possible to convert multiple images to for instance a single BE or IK glyph database at once.

DTL TraceMaster supports scanners via the TWAIN drivers, which makes it possible to scan and directly convert analog data into high quality digital contours.

DTL TraceMaster supports several outline description formats, including the BE (B├ęzier), IK (Ikarus) and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) formats. It is even possible to convert the scanned data directly into a TrueType font.

DTL TraceMaster is mostly used to convert black and white TIFF data into the forenamed BE and IK formats. Because the accuracy is exceptional, TraceMaster could be used as an alternative for manually digitizing contours in the Ikarus format using a lens cursor.

The generated contours in BE or IK format can be edited in respectively DTL Bezier- and IkarusMaster. During the conversion into the forenamed formats, also a SC (=scanline) file is generated. This file is a 1:1 bitmap representation of the original image and can be imported into the background of the BE and IK glyph editors for checking and improving purposes. The EPS format can, of course, be imported in for instance Adobe Illustrator or Freehand for further processing.

DTLTraceMaster movie (YouTube)