Free: dtl OTMaster Light 3.7
otm Light is great for checking fonts. Saving is disabled, but for instance exporting OpenType Layout features files and Character Layout (.cha) files is possible though. The download for macOS contains an installer for Intel Macs running Lion and newer. Please note that the current fully-functional retail edition is 6.3.
        Download: macOS (23 mb) | Windows (26 mb) | Linux (30 mb)


        Free: dtl FontMaster Light 2.7
The Light editions of dtl Bezier- and IkarusMaster basically only have one major restriction: not more than 256 glyphs can be stored per editable glyph database. Changes in larger glyph databases, like for instance in the included fm Demo Font, can’t be saved. With the glyph editors it is possible to generate PostScript Type1 fonts for Windows though, and the dtl TraceMaster module is fully functional.
        Download: Windows (23.3 mb)


        Free: macOS installer for fm Light 2.7 (Windows version)
‘Wine’-wrapped Windows edition of dtl FontMaster Light for running under macOS 10.5 and higher on Intel-based Macintosh computers. The hassle-free installer will place a complete self-supporting package in the ‘Applications’ folder. There is no need to install either a Windows environment, or to start-up the x-Windows system.
        Download: macOS (160 mb)


        Free: dtl CompareMaster Light 2.0
dtl CompareMaster Light can be used for a detailed comparison of PostScript Type1 fonts, i.e., of contours, metrics and hinting. Output options include either summarized or extensive text files, and PostScript plot files. Please note that the fully functional editions of dtl CompareMaster support OpenType cff (.otf) fonts besides the PostScript Type1 format also.
        Download: macOS (6 mb) | Windows (22 mb) | Linux (6 mb)


        Free: dtl LetterModeller 5.4
LeMo is a first step towards the automation of type design processes. Sliders can be used for parameterized altering the letterforms. Modified letters can be further processed in the included glyph editor, or exported as eps and svg files. More info on LeMo can be found on the website.
         The 5.4 edition contains an enhanced glyph editor. It can export (currently unhinted) cff- and TrueType-based OpenType fonts too, which makes it a nice tool for, for example, pattern-testing. For hinting respectively the autohinter of the afdko or ttfautohint can be used.
        Download: macOS (16.5 mb) | Windows (15.5 mb) | Linux (22 mb)