New: dtl LetterModeller 5.8

A new version (5.8) of LeMo is available for downloading now:


Prior to the official release of FoundryMaster in a couple of months, the glyph-editing functionality has been revised and above all simplified in the latest beta version of this major font tool. The ‘shift’ (pointer) mode has the ‘quick-mode’ functionality integrated now and this implies that it is not necessary anymore to use a three-button mouse*: all editing functions work with shortcuts. Because LeMo contains most of the editing functionality of FoundryMaster, this new approach also works for this application now. The downloads above contain the ‘LeMo_pointer_tool’ PDF, which provides an overview of the new shortcuts.

Please note that the interface of LeMo shows some legacy problems, especially when it comes to the multiple layers. In the course of time more and more functionality has been added to different base structures and this is far from easy to change. Instead of focussing on this issue, the emphasis in the development of LeMo will be on the investigation of how and to what extent the tool can become self-learning. Jürgen Willrodt and Frank E. Blokland will (try to find time to) focus on applying neural networks in the coming decade(s).

* The main reason for the somewhat unusual three-button mouse functionality was a complexity with Qt under Linux, which is used for the development of the tools.