Dr. Peter Karow Award

The Dr. Peter Karow Award for Font Technology and Digital Typography is presented once per five years to a person who makes an exceptional and innovative contribution to the development of digital type and typography related technology. The previous award winners were Peter Karow in 2003, Thomas Milo in 2009 (there was a delay of one year due to circumstances), and Donald Knuth (photo below) in 2013. The 2018 award goes (in 2021) to… (to be announced shortly).

Donald Knuth receiving the PKA from Peter Karow

The pk Award 2013 was sponsored by Adobe and the Dutch Type Library, and presented at the ATypI Amsterdam dinner. This year the award is sponsored by Monotype and dtl. Both companies are also working together on a booklet on the award winner, like the publication in honour of Donald Knuth in 2013. The plan is to present the new booklet for free to the attendees of the symposium on font technology, which the Dutch Type Library is currently organizing for the spring of 2019.