otm is not part of our standard font production. But when a non-standard situation happens, we always resort to otm to look how to fix it. It is a tool that lets you check on other font production tools.’

        Peter Bilak (Typotheque)


‘Although I develop other font tools, OTMaster is often the first tool I reach for and the first tool I recommend to others.’

        Christopher Chapman (Adobe Inc.)


‘I have used OTMaster for a long time and I would like to thank you for making this brilliant software. It made my life much easier than before.’

        Shiyang He (FounderType)


‘In general there comes a point where I need to edit some piece of data directly within the ttf/otf font file, and then OTMaster is invaluable.’

        John Hudson (Tiro Typeworks Ltd)


‘[…] I would like to state here that dtl OTMaster is a fabulous tool. The best way for me to characterize it is that it gives me the power of afdko’s “spot” tool, and that of ttx, but wrapped up in a nice gui […].’

        Dr. Ken Lunde (Adobe Inc.)


dtl OTMaster: great tool, a zillion uses. Just nice for being able to look inside the font and get a relatively clean look at the innards without as much interpretation.’

        Thomas Phinney (FontLab Ltd.)


‘I use OTMaster a lot for “post-production” work. It’s really a great tool, especially when you’re like me not very fluent with command-line tools.’

        Artur Schmal (artur schmal type)


‘For us OTMaster plays a crucial role in the font production process. On one hand we use OTMaster in order to double check the outcome of our foundry specific Python scripts, on the other hand we use otm almost on a daily basis for tasks which would be otherwise too time consuming, mainly for manipulating font binary data. Without OTMaster our production workflow would be much more intense, tedious and time consuming.’

        Lukas Schneider (Revolver Type)


‘Use it everyday’

        Miguel Sousa (Adobe Inc.)


‘OTMaster works with surgical precision: it will only modify the portions of the font that the developer wishes, leaving all other structures unchanged. This makes OTMaster a great companion to any font editor and an indispensable element even in the most complex OpenType font production workflow.’

        Adam Twardoch (FontLab Ltd.)